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The bad parts of being a -popular- MMDer

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2014, 8:55 AM
(* Please note that by "popular" I do not in any way intend to sound like I'm bragging or that I'm better than anyone else... I'm just using it to describe that I'm relatively more popular than what I used to be when I was new in this community.)

I remember when I started to use MMD, back in 2011. I discovered it mainly because I was playing 3DCG (3D Custom Girl) and found a program that could convert a character from 3DCG to MMD in order to make it dance :P Later I started using MMD more and more and 3DCG less and less, until I eventually uninstalled that program altogether (together with a HUUUUGE amount of mods...) 

I was kind of fascinated with textures and how different textures could make the same MMD model look so different.. So I started to create eye and hair textures, a lot of them, and upload them to DA. There was a time when I did several texture packs per week. At this point I was kind of "unknown" in the MMD community, and barely got any comments or faves. 

But even so, I was thilled whenever someone actually wrote anything to me and I replied to almost anything, even if it was just someone saying "Dld" or "Thanks". I even wrote to all people who started to watch me or faved my works just to thank them for it. 

But then, as time went by I started to get more and more watchers and more and more people commenting on my works. I believe this is both because I actually got better at using MMD and create textures/pictures/model edits (at least I hope so XP) and well... I guess my blog CitruSmoothie also generated some watchers on DA as well. 

I guess people nowadays consider me to be one of the more "popular" MMDers out there, although I still consider myself to be kind of a noob XP (I mean there are a lot of things I still can't do).What I didn't realize when I started out though was that being "more popular" isn't just fun and awesome and great, it acutally has bad sides to it as well. 

One of these things is that I can never do anything that's not 100% according to the "rules" anymore. 

For example, when I still was new in the community I once made this deviation featuring several Win 100% and other "rare" models just for the sake of trading. The deviation itself was up at least for a year, but if I remember correctly I never got not even one negative comment or someone asking me to take it down. (Sure, maybe I was just incredibly lucky. But I actually belive that no one rly cared as I was just a nobody).

If I would do something like that today... wow... I can't even imagine all the hate I would get xD And well, chances are people would even try to ban me for it.

Although, I have to admit I have been "growing up" when it comes to trading. I don't see it as great anymore so even if I could, I wouldn't upload a trade-deviation like that today.

Another thing that also changed when I got more watchers and comments was that I eventually stopped answer to those comments just saying "Dld" or "Thanks"... Mainly because there's just so many of them each day that, if I would answer them  all I would be sitting in front of the computer much longer than I already am. 

The last thing that I personally think is one of the worst things with being more "popular", no matter what community, is those tragic people that just love "hating" publicly on those who are "popular". Maybe it's because of jealosy, maybe it's a way for them to actually gain some kind of attention or self-promote themselves, as in fact they just lack any kind of talent to actually be able to stand out on their own. I don't rly know, but I do know that it's just fucking (sorry my bad language) irritating and stupid. In the end the only attention they will get is people hating on them in return. 

And I mean this is not just MMD. Famous youtubers like Pewdiepie also get affected by this (and he has actually now turned off comments to his videos because of this). 

When you're just a nobody, or an unknown MMD user, you never get this kind of bullshit (at least that was the case for me, ofc I can't speak for others). 

I want to hear what you guys have to say to all of this. Do you yourself notice anything different on how people treat you now compared to when you were new in the community? Do you think it's better to be "popular" or "unknown" when it comes to these kinds of things? Have you ever gotten anyone hating on your work for no apparent reason? Have you ever blocked any user, and if so for what?

I want to hear your thoughts :)

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I'm also the owner of CituSmoothie (link found below) where I post download links to various HQ MMD models. If you have a tumblr, please make sure to follow me there ;)

Besides MMD, I like to draw (especially manga-inspired-art), read fantasy books and play video games.


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